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It was a free 5-day event where we came together virtually to get better at social media, together.

It wasn't a conference. Or a competition. Or a contest.

It was a new kind of digital rally.

A community of practitioners made a shared effort to solve one of the biggest challenges we all face in recruiting:
How do we use social media better to attract and engage talent?

We can’t keep depending on job ads to reach the talent we need. We've gotta meet candidates where they are: On social media.

The challenge was that 38% of organic social recruiting content gets no candidate engagement. We worked to change that together and do it with data!

While having a little fun too 😀

It was for Recruitment Marketing, Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition, Recruiting & HR Professionals who work in-house at employers

Social Recruiting Rally

Data from our first-ever community-wide event to become better at attracting talent through social media is now available!

Get insights from the Social Recruiting Rally Now and get better at social recruiting!

Here's how it worked:

We all become better at social recruiting!

Beginning Jan. 23 participants published for 5 days to LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram with templates we provided

Rally Inside tracked & measured the posts and analyzed the results

We're now sharing analysis and insights into what worked

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What's the Social Recruiting Rally?

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Thank you to everyone who signed up and participated in the Social Recruiting Rally! 

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