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Rally Inside is created by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online community of 45,000 practitioners bringing recruiting and marketing together to lead the future of talent acquisition. 

Rally AI is the first AI tool in recruiting that uses benchmark data, recommendations and best practices to guide professionals in building a stand-out employer brand that attracts top talent to their company’s culture and careers, while tracking and proving the ROI of their strategy

Rally Introduces Rally® AI™ Recruitment Marketing Assistant

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BOSTON, October 26, 2023 — Rally®, the leading platform for learning best-practice recruitment marketing and employer branding strategies, today introduced Rally® AI™, a revolutionary AI recruitment marketing assistant that guides recruiting professionals through every step of creating a highly effective talent attraction strategy so they can gain a competitive edge in recruiting top candidates using modern social and digital marketing strategies.

Rally AI is the newest feature of Rally® Inside™, Rally’s innovative recruitment marketing and analytics platform that is enabling more than 1,500 professionals to recruit passive talent and active job seekers through the social media channels and websites where candidates spend time online. With the U.S. unemployment rate near record lows, employers are shifting more of their recruiting strategy to attracting passive talent—workers who are currently employed and not actively looking for a job—estimated to be 85% of the labor force according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Rally AI is built on GPT-4, 
OpenAI’s most advanced large language model capable of following complex instructions and solving difficult problems with accuracy. What’s unique about Rally AI is that it uses Rally Inside’s built-in best practices, proprietary benchmark data and recommendation engine to step users through creating highly effective recruitment marketing per job function and channel. As a result, HR and talent acquisition teams can attract 9x more candidates compared to doing recruitment marketing alone, with real-time analytics to prove the ROI of their strategy.

With the addition of Rally AI, Rally Inside becomes a complete solution for developing, creating and measuring a high-performing recruitment marketing and employer branding strategy, empowering professionals to:

  • Quickly synthesize employer brand research and see how they compare to talent competitors
  • Easily collaborate on multi-channel recruitment marketing campaigns and plan out data-driven content calendars
  • Instantly identify tactics and channels that work best to increase qualified applications at a lower cost per applicant
  • Confidently craft authentic and compelling employee value propositions for every talent audience
  • Streamline the creation of engaging recruiting content for social media, blogs, digital ads, emails and newsletters—in their brand voice
  • Automatically track, measure, analyze, report and benchmark results across campaigns in real time, and
  • Seamlessly manage their strategy in one, easy-to-use recruitment marketing platform that augments existing recruiting and marketing systems.

“AI is transforming the way every company operates, including how employers attract, engage and recruit talent. Learning to plan, create and analyze using generative AI is a skill that every talent acquisition and talent brand professional will need to develop, and why our goal with Rally AI is to empower them to learn this career-building skill so they can work smarter and more effectively. Today, we’re all under pressure to do more with less. With Rally Inside powered by Rally AI, recruitment marketing beginners gain a trusted mentor and experts gain a capable assistant that enables our customers to not just get more done faster, but to take their strategy and results to new heights,” said Lori Sylvia, Founder & CEO of Rally.

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