Because your recruiting content might be the reason why great talent keeps dropping off. Or ignoring you.

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Rally Inside is created by Rally® Recruitment Marketing, the largest online community of 35,000 practitioners bringing recruiting and marketing together to lead the future of talent acquisition. 

Track all your Recruitment Marketing in one place.

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Easily track and measure all your Recruitment Marketing strategies with our tool, all in one place, and gain back time to do actual recruitment marketing.

Seeing all my data in one place, from social to ads to email, has enabled me to be more strategic about how and where we advertise for different job families.

Jessie Summerfield
Recruitment Marketing Specialist

Rally Inside is for you if you are:

Regularly creating Recruitment Marketing content about employee stories, company culture and job opportunities

Responsible for publishing to your company’s social media channels, talent newsletter, digital ads and other recruiting website

Struggling with data silos and manual spreadsheets that are preventing you from demonstrating the impact your strategies are truly making

  • TRACK every piece of recruiting content you publish on social media, email, digital ads, employee advocacy, etc. in the SAME WAY

  • MEASURE in ONE PLACE how candidates are engaging with your content and messaging to discover what matters most to job seekers right now

  • ANALYZE in REAL TIME which channels and content topics are effective at attracting your target candidate personas

  • BENCHMARK how your strategy compares to your talent competitors and GAIN AN EDGE

  • REPORT with INSIGHTFUL CHARTS & GRAPHS to show your impact to leadership and stakeholders

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