Are You AI-Ready? Prepare Your Skills & Career for the New Era of Talent Acquisition

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Rally® Recruitment Marketing is the #1 community to learn best practices in Recruitment Marketing, employer branding and talent attraction, to help you bring modern recruiting to your company and upskill your career. We also produce the highest-rated free virtual conference, called RallyFwd™, which takes place in May and December each year, and we host the most-coveted industry awards program, the Rally® Awards™, which is an exciting global competition recognizing and celebrating excellence across our field.
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Rally® Inside™ uses AI, data and best practices to show you how to attract and recruit talent through social and digital channels, so that you can become continuously better at recruitment marketing. With an easy-to-use dashboard that tracks, measures, reports and benchmarks your RM strategies all in one place, you’ll have the insights you need to break through the noise and influence great talent to choose your company.
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for Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Marketing & Employer Branding

Practical AI

             I'll teach you how to use generative AI through hands-on, interactive training, so that your skills and career are positioned at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field!

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Don’t miss this empowering and thought-provoking Keynote by Lori Sylvia, Founder of Rally, on the emergence of AI and its implications for the future of our industry and your career.

You'll learn:

How AI is transforming talent acquisition and Recruitment Marketing, and what this means for your strategy.

The impact of AI on employer branding and talent attraction, and how to capitalize on these changes.

Practical tips for preparing yourself and your team for the skills needed in the AI-driven future of recruitment.

How to lead change in your organization as AI becomes an integral part of the recruitment process.

Key considerations for leveraging AI ethically and responsibly in how you attract, engage and recruit talent.

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Are You AI-Ready?

Prepare Your Skills & Career for the New Era of Talent Acquisition